Ensuring Success Through Reliable SEM Techniques

By | July 6, 2017

How does SEM work in industrial marketing? Search Engine Marketing is considered as the main channel of marketing online. The reason? SEM stands out from conventional forms of advertising. It is a process that uses several techniques, such as sponsored links or SEO. SEM is a form of pull marketing, unlike push marketing. Push is the traditional form of marketing that involves pushing a product to the consumer. The consumer does not necessarily think about buying a product, it is up to the business to create a need for it.

In the case of SEM, this is pull marketing, that is, pulling the customer to the product. In this case, the customer searches for precise information according to his or her needs. For example, looking for “buy shoes online” or “pizza delivery” defines what needs should be met through each page result. The intention to buy is already there, unlike pull marketing. SEM allows people to generate advertisements that are very targeted and perceived positively by the surfers. Adopting a marketing strategy on search engines involves fewer losses than traditional channels, mainly because SEM allows owners to generate highly targeted advertisements that are perceived more positively by Internet users.

What is the difference between SEA and SEO? SEA and SEO are two distinct branches of Search Engine Marketing. Their objective is identical, however. Each option must optimize its website to increase traffic (number of visitors). Nevertheless, the tools used in SEO and SEA are different. SEA is advertising for search engines. This technique makes it possible to reach the first page of Google Search instantly, but people pay for it. SEO is a so-called “natural” technique, which means the website is working on site optimization over the long term. SEO offers a wider range of tools, allowing it to improve its ranking for free.

The frequency of paid ads will depend on the advertiser’s budget. In order for users to be directed to relevant search results, the ranking of paid ads is determined by a “Quality Score”. This system, developed by Google, attributes a high level of quality if it considers that the ad and the landing page are “relevant and useful from the point of users viewing the ad”. It is crucial to know how to check and interpret your level of quality.